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Manufacturers of specialty waxes and candles Manufacturers of specialty waxes and candles
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Welcome to the Australian Wax Company

Australian Wax Company offers a very broad range of quality wholesale and retail Australian made
candles and wax blends.

Our wholesale specialty waxes include: depilatory waxes, manicure/pedicure waxes, physio wax, surfboard and ski waxes, bottle sealing wax, dance floor wax, engineering wax, timber wax, leather wax, modelling waxes, casting wax and grafting wax.
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Our wholesale and retail Candle range includes:

  • Private Label candles
    Tapered Dinner Candles
  • Classic Pillar Candles
  • Hand moulded Candles
  • T-Lite Candles (Paraffin /Palmwax/soy wax)
  • Décor Candles (Eggs, Balls, Floaters)
  • Container Candles (palm blend or soy blend)
  • Personalised Gift Candles
  • Aromatherapy Candles
  • Candle Making Supplies
  • Custom Made Candles
  • Wax Beads
  • Oil Burner Aroma Drops

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Featured Products

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