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Beauty Waxes (Depilatory waxes - includes Hard (Hot) Waxes  and   Strip Waxes)

Australian Wax Company's depilatory wax in the hot melt form is used extensively in the Beauty industry to remove unwanted body hair. However, by its nature it also acts as an exfoliant removing dead and rough skin cells so leaving the skin smoother and softer. This hard depilitory wax comes in either two standard types:  Natural Honey  or Natural Apricot.  The combination of natural ingredients make this an excellent hair removal wax, suitable for  both body and facial hair.
Australian Wax Company also manufactures wholesale depilatory (hair removal) waxes for private labels if required and  can be made to colour and/or fragrance as the customer requires.
The two standard hard waxes come in a 1kg foil tray with lid, 12 trays to a carton.
For pricing on these hard waxes and other non-standard variants available, please contact us via email - or phone (03) 9546 4000.

A new range of wholesale strip waxes are now available in 1 litre white plastic jar (12 jars to a carton).
Variants available are:
Vanilla Strip Wax - soft brown colour
Strawberry Strip Wax - soft red colour
Azulene Strip Wax - soft blue colour

These strip waxes are ultra thin, ultra strong and easily heated in the microwave (if required).

Manicure - Pedicure Wax
This specially formulated low melt wax is used as a soothing and relaxing process prior to manicure treatments of the feet or hands. After the manicure/pedicure wax is heated the hand or foot is immersed into the wax, creating a wax glove over the skin.  This procedure is repeated several times, each time the heat from the wax penetrates and relaxes the body part.    Unlike water and oil preparations this formulation will maintain the heat value for much longer. The preparation totally encapsulates the hand or foot for an overall relaxing feeling. When the wax glove is removed it also takes the dead skin cells with it, leaving the skin renewed and silky smooth.  This manicure/pedicure wax is available in three different types - each with an essential oil for therapeutic qualities:
1. Lavender Essential Oil - promotes growth of new cells and relieves any skin inflammation
2. Peppermint Essential Oil - cools and softens the skin
3. Orange Essential Oil - tones and relieves dry skin, wrinkles and dermatitis
These three variants are available in a 550 gram block.

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Surf Waxes

Our numerous formulated surf wax blends meet the extreme needs of the surfer. The surf  waxes come in a variety of formulas to meet the various water temperatures throughout the world.
 From warm water surf wax to cold water  surf wax  we can manufacture various formulations to suit the customer's requirements.  Surf Wax is also available in many different colours and fragrances.  Our Company is currently working on an surf wax which should be available in the near future.

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Ozy Summer Surf Wax  $2.50 + gst + freight.'
Minimum purchase quantity: 10

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Ski Waxes

This formulated ski wax is applied to the base of a snow ski to smooth out irregularities so as to allow for a smooth and faster movement across the snow surface. Its ease of application and use on the ski base certainly makes a difference in the relationship of the skis to the snow surface.

Body Board Wax

A formulated wax constructed to assist and maintain good grip between the rider and the board. Its characteristics are not affected by water and can be formulated for warm or colder waters.

Dance Floor Wax

With many and varied wooded surfaces this dance floor wax is used by many professional studios to assist with the contact between the dancer and the dance surface. This wax has been used for many years and is certainly in demand by the professional instructors.

Grafting Wax

Taking a plant or vine cutting and mating it with a core stock will produce a grafted product. When this process occurs the opened cut and joining process allows the new join to dry out develop fungal infection. Applying Grafting wax to the area gives a good moisture and air seal which prevents the join drying or inhibits the risk of infection. Application is quick and easy for small or large commercial application.

Timber Wax

This formulated natural wax, is applied to a timber to rejuvenate and protect the timber surface. Although a natural colour the wax gives a good surface luster when buffed and still protects the surface of the timber. This wax can be coloured to match the natural colour of the timber to which it is being applied.

Wholesale Modelling/Casting waxes

This wax is made from the microcrystalline stream of waxes and comes in a white to off white color. This wax is flexible and has a higher break strength than other waxes. It is also more adhesive and has good binding qualities. This wax can be used for the lost wax method of metal casting as well as encaustic painting .

Wholesale Techniform Wax  (also known as Foundary Wax)

This wax is slightly softer and stickier than Modelling Wax.  It is soft burgundy in colour
for good definition of sculpting and carving.
Wax models can be made in several ways, ranging from hand modelling with wax or using wax for casting into a latex or other master mold. Wax can be poured into a pan to form sheets which can then be cut and formed. The lost wax casting method involves making a wax model, investing it in a mold, and then melting the wax out of the mold to form a cavity into which a replica can be cast.
Waxes can also be used a free form of sculpting for the modeller.

Wholesale Engineering Wax

Typically used in the setting up and testing of computer operated machinery. These waxes can also be used for tolerance measurement and verification.

Wax Rods and Wax Rings

Developed for use in the knitting/woolen industry as a means of lubricating and easing tension in the fibers as they pass through the machinery.

Corrosion Inhibiting wax

Waxes ability to repel water when formulated possesses excellent corrosion inhibiting abilities. Simply apply to raw metal to assist in the resistance of moisture and air so as to prevent rusting of the parent metal.

Leather Wax

This formulated natural coloured wax, is applied to leather to rejuvenate and protect the leather surface. Although a natural colour the wax gives a good surface luster when buffed and still protects the surface of the leather product. This wax can be coloured to match the natural colour of the leather if needed but it is not usually required for surface finishing.

Wholesale Bottle Sealing wax

A specially formulated wax blend for ease of application on wine, oil, vinegar or general bottles. Offering a soft sheen finish and a good seal this bottle sealing wax is used to seal, decorate and provide a tamper proof seal for containers. Having a relatively low melt point the sealing wax allows application at around 80 degrees C. This sealing wax is easily removed by peeling away like plastic without creating chips and breakage like harder waxes.  Standard colours are: Red, Black, Navy, Green, Purple, Burgundy.
Metallic Colours: Silver, Gold and Bronze.  Special colours also available.
This bottle sealing wax is non-toxic and is available in 600 gram blocks.  One 600 gram block will do  100 wine bottles dipping once.  Instructions for use are on the container.

    Wholesale Duck - Chicken wax

This formulated natural coloured wax, is applied to the bird to assist with the removal of feathers during bird preparation prior to cooking. The wax has excellent adhesion properties and is easy to remove and assists with the removal of fine down.

Wholesale Preserving wax

Our food grade waxes are used to effectively seal the top opening of canning jars to protect jams and preserves from contamination and air contact causing dehydration and mold. These waxes are available in tubs to meet the domestic user or are available on a larger scale for commercial use.

Physio wax

Blended wax used in Physiotherapy to provide heat for an injured part of the human body. This wax will allow a longer and more consistent release of heat compared to other similar mediums such as oils or water. Being a liquid the product will encase a complete area and offer a source of warming heat which can penetrate deep into damaged areas in preparation for further work.

Custom Made wax blends

We are able to create and blend wax mixes to meet specific needs of the customers’ specifications.