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Manufacturers of specialty waxes and candles Manufacturers of specialty waxes and candles
P: 1300 854 006
+61 3 9546 4000
F: +61 3 9546 4466
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Australian Wax Company is one of the largest manufacturers of candles and wax products in Australia.  We offer both wholesale and retail pricing structures.
(Australian Wax Company previously operated under the trading name Norton Olympia Waxes, but is phasing this name out and just using the company name: Australian Wax Co.)

It is an Australian Company making quality Australian made Products.

The valuable experience of the team at Australian Wax Company has enabled the development of a very broad range of candles and waxes.  We are also Australia's largest private label manufacturer.  We manufacture for a broad range of corporate and boutique companies with well known brand names, and they are proud to put their labels on our quality candles.

Whilst proud of it's quality candles and specialty wax blends, the Company also has a unique ability to meet customer's individual needs in both candle manufacture and wax blending.

The Company has a strong personal approach and has the ability to be flexible with the specific requirements of many different demanding markets.

Following an "Australian made" value, the Company strives at all times to use Australian quality ingredients. These values set this Company apart from imported products, which is why many quality conscious major brand names use Australian Wax Company to manufacture for them.

P: 1300 854 006
+61 9546 4000
F: +61 9546 4466
145 Osborne Avenue,
Clayton South, Vic 3169